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Slippery Hill has become mighty popular these days. Nothing makes me happier then to know that so many people are enjoying the site. When I go to festivals and jams and see people using the site to learn tunes or maybe just to remember how to start a tune, well I'm just delighted as all get out.

It still amazes me how popular Slippery Hill has become. What you see today grew from a simple list of fiddle tunes in the key of C back in 05. It's so big now that I need help. I get that from Sonya Badigian. I am so happy she agreed to jump on the Slippery Hill bandwagon. I'm in awe of her talent and dedication to Old Time music.

Slippery Hill has become so popular that I've been getting letters from the company that hosts the site (Pantheon) saying that they would have to bump the site up to the next level plan. How bad could that be I thought.

In case anyone is wondering just how busy Slippery Hill is, here is a quote from Pantheon that I got today. "Site slippery-hill was previously on a Basic plan with a visits cap of 25,000. It has been upgraded to Performance Medium based on the following traffic: 35,066 visits in June and 29,671 visits in July."

That's the good news. And I love it.

The bad news is that with the plan upgrade the cost to host Slippery Hill went from $500 per year to $3300 per year. Now, there is no danger of Slippery Hill going kaput so don't worry about that. But I could use some help.

Shel Sandler and The Brandywine Friends Of Old Time Music set up an account back along for tax deductible donations to Slippery Hill. That's the account I use to pay the big bills. So if you use Slippery Hill and haven't donated yet, please consider doing just that to;

Brandywine Friends Of Old Time Music
% Sheldon Sandler
112 Ponds Lane
Wilmington, Delaware 19807

Please specify in your check or in a separate note that the contribution is for Slippery Hill.

Of course you can still give by clicking on a donate button on the slippery hill web site itself. But by sending to Shel it will go directly for this expense.

Some of you may know that I've been traveling around the country with my wife Susan in our Airstream. Yes we love the life style. Going on 5 years now. Wherever we park is our home. That doesn't mean I'm not working on Slippery Hill though. In fact I'm working on a big big project right now. Bigger even then the Milliner-Koken collection if you can believe that. Yes I am a brute for punishment.

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Larry Warren


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